Study Abroad in South Korea on a $3000 Scholarship

The Global Village (GV) Program is an exchange with USF’s partner institution Yonsei University. The GV program invites international students to take part in a cultural internship program, living with a small group of Korean students in an amicable environment while taking courses of their choice. Students can interact with other international students from different places all around the world.

All the activities in the GV program are conducted in English. International students will come to understand Korean life style and its culture as well as make friends with Korean students. At the same time Korean students will also be able to experience Western culture as they interact closely with the exchange students

The financial assistance of 3,000,000 Korean Won (approximately US$3,000) will be provided to all international students’ participating in the Global Village Program with certain obligations. The stipend completely covers the costs of tuition, airfare, and dormitory, and provides some pocket money. Korean language classes for international students are offered as well as other culturally related elective classes that are taught in English.

Applying to this Program

To apply to this program, submit a USF application. You will receive email notification about your candidacy and how to move forward.