100,000 Strong Foundation

The 100K Strong Foundation aims to strengthen US-China relations through Mandarin language learning and study abroad. The activities of 100K include:

  • Selecting 100 American students every year to serve as ambassadors on the grassroots level
  • Providing financial aid to students from underserved and underrepresented communities to study in China
  • Raising private sector funds to support projects that put American and Chinese youth together to tackle specific environmental challenges

Project Pengyou 

Project Pengyou is a global community of people who have firsthand experience in China. Through its database of members, the project crowdsources China-related jobs, events and resources, while providing opportunities to connect and discuss China-related issues.

Study in Hong Kong

Study in Hong Kong is owned by the Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It serves as a comprehensive, one-stop portal to disseminate information in relation to pursuing study in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in China

The U.S. Citizen Services with the Embassy of the United States in Beijing has a great summary of information about teaching English in China.

Study in Korea

Study in Korea is run by NIIED, a government organization aiming to nurture and foster human resources of Korea in the age of globalization. Study in Korea is an online one-stop administrative service that provides information for study in Korea, the process of university admission and GKS application, and government scholarship projects to invite international students to study in Korea.

Study in Taiwan

Study in Taiwan is run by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan). This resource provides information for international students who want to go study in Taiwan.

Living and Traveling Abroad in Japan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has comprehensive information on living in Japantraveling in Japan, and working in Japan.


Gaijinpot is a major hub for finding jobs and traveling in Japan.