Interview with Japan Study Abroad Alum: Barbara


Barbara is a Cell and Molecular Biology major who is hoping to someday become a Dermatologist and work with children who are suffering from skin diseases. She was one of the inaugural members of the ‘Japan: Beyond the Classroom’ trip (now called USF Japan Study Program) with Professor Mako Nozu and earned scholarships from the Honors College for study abroad. This was not Barbara’s first time traveling abroad as she had already traveled with an ambassador group to Australia during her 9th grade year of high school. She has always loved traveling and has a goal to visit as many countries as she possibly can in her lifetime but before that one of her main goals is to visit every state in the U.S and has already visited 1/5 of them. As a GloBull Ambassador, she is eager to take questions from students interested in studying in Japan (

What are the top reasons you decided to study abroad?

One of the main reasons I decided to study abroad was the fact that I was told that a program like the one I went on didn’t happen very often. It was kind of a ‘Once in a college career’ type of thing was the way I saw it. When this trip came along I just had that feeling inside that no matter what I was going on this trip and that’s what I did. That feeling was another of the reason’s I decided to study abroad. You know how people are supposed to get that feeling of their heart beating out of their chests when they fall in love with someone? Well that’s the feeling I get when I travel and I know that a certain trip is the one I want to go on. It’s happened now multiple times, first when I learned about the trip to Australia, next when my mother and I decided to take a trip to Alaska for my graduation, and again when I learned about the Japan trip. My heart was really the one that made me decide to go on the trip and it was such a great experience that I’m glad it did.

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